Rank Score

Many programmes at universities require more than the “University Entrance” (UE) requirements listed above. A sufficiently high rank score as detailed below is required in addition to University Entrance for such courses.

For example, 80 credits at Achieved level equates to a rank score of 160. The 20 credits from NCEA Level 2 carried over that contribute to NCEA Level 3 are NOT counted towards the rank score.

Note that the basic UE requirement of 60 Level 3 credits at Achieved level equates to a rank score of only 120 and that is only if all the subjects are approved.

Non-approved subjects do not count towards a rank score, so you are strongly recommended to take courses offering achievement standards and more specifically subjects that are “approved” for University Entrance. [UE Approved subjects include those that are labelled 300, 301 or 302]

Rank Score requirements for various universities: the details in the diagram below are based on information currently available (as at August 2021) and are subject to change along with the UE requirements.

University of AucklandAll courses are limited entry courses with rank score requirements ranging from 150 to 280 depending on area of study/degree chosen.
Also, students must have a minimum of 17 credits in English (not literacy from other subjects) at Level 2 and/or Level 3 or they must undertake a 4 credit course in academic English in their first year of study at the University of Auckland.

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The University of Auckland also has specific Level 3 subject combination requirements for some programmes, where subjects from the following tables are required:

TABLE A                                             TABLE B
Classical Studies Accounting
English Biology
Geography Calculus
History Chemistry
History of Art Digital Technologies*
Te Reo Māori OR Te Reo Rangatira Economics
*There are 11 Level 3 achievement standards in this domain, numbered 91632 - 91642
**Cannot be combined with calculus and/or Statistics

Massey University

Preferential Entry: Rank score of 140.
Click here for University of Massey Admission requirements

Victoria University

Requires a rank score of 150 for all courses
(except Architecture and Building Science - rank score: 180)
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University of Otago

Preferential Entry: Rank score of 140, or Level 2 with Merit or Excellence endorsement, or accepted into a residential college.
Competitive Entry: no rank score, just UE.
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AUT, Waikato, Lincoln, Canterbury

Require just UE except for some programmes.
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Click here for University of Lincoln Admission requirements
UnitecMost bachelor degrees: 42 credits at NCEA Level 3 including 14 credits in 2 different approved subjects, and 14 credits from up to 2 subjects; 4 reading & 4 writing credits in NCEA Level 2.
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