Information for students going into Year 11

The curriculum offered at Massey High School is designed to meet the needs of students with a wide variety of possible course selections.

Whatever the course selection, there is a clear expectation that students will commit themselves to serious, sustained effort.

Before you make your decision on the subjects that you would like to study next year, find out as much information as you can about NCEA courses, the requirements for NCEA at each level, University Entrance requirements, approved subjects, careers, etc. by:

  • Asking careers advisers, teachers, parents
  • Asking questions in Academic Counselling Sessions
  • Referring to the NZQA website  
  • Referring to university or other tertiary websites
  • Finding out what subjects you will need now for the future training and education required for the careers you have thought about.

All Students at Years 11 are required to take SIX Subjects, as follows 








Three other subjects from those offered at Year 11 level (NCEA Level 1)

Important Notes

1.You cannot study 2 subjects which have more than one achievement standard that is the same in each course. This applies to subjects such as Technology and Graphical Design subjects. Make sure that you look carefully at the listing of achievement standards to be offered in each subject.

2.We will do our best to provide you with your subject selections, but sometimes this is not possible because of timetabling or staffing. In that case your alternative subject/s may need to be used.

3.Your subject selections will be checked by your Dean and Ākina Leader to ensure that you have made appropriate choices and that there is a good level of pathway coherency in your overall course selection.