Planning your course of study

The pages below include detailed information around the number of options or courses students should choose.

In Summary:

  • Year 10's will study 3 different courses as well as the compulsory English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, PE/Health or Sports Performance & Development.
  • Year 11's will study 5 different courses which include English, Mathematics and either Science and/or Geography.
  • Year 12's will study 5 different courses which includes English.
  • Year 13's will study 5 different courses.

Course Coherency

Course selection for your upcoming year of study is not just about choosing a mix of subjects. It is not just about choosing subjects your mates are doing, or subjects that will be easier. What is really important is that there is COHERENCY in the total package of subjects that you select.

Course coherency means that the subjects you choose will fit together well to equip you for the individual pathway that you are embarking on. This means that when you leave school and begin work or further study you will already have been partly prepared for the sector of work or study you are entering.

Course coherency is more clearly understood by looking at the sectors of industry and enterprise that your school studies are leading you towards. There are six sectors of industry and enterprise defined under the heading of Vocational Pathways.