Information for students going into Year 10

Your Pathway

Individual student course selections at Year 10 are the very beginning of each student’s journey into future pathways. As students later progress into the senior school they can select courses which will provide a sharper focus along specific pathways. It is important that in Years 12 and 13 each student’s studies and course selections begin to focus more on future career planning aligned with their interests, aptitudes, and natural abilities.

Vocational Pathways is a concept introduced by the Ministry of Education to provide a framework for curriculum structure in schools and to assist students in course and career planning. There are six pathway ‘sectors’ defined by the Ministry of Education, and within each sector there are many possible pathways.  For more information look at the Vocational Pathways tab to the left.

The Year 10 Curriculum

The curriculum and subjects offered to Year 10 students reflect:-

  • The New Zealand Curriculum with its Key Competencies and multiple Learning Areas.
  • The Massey High School Charter which recognises the importance of a school curriculum reflecting the unique character of the school.

Study the information carefully about each subject before making your choice.

Massey High School Curriculum Model

Students in Year 10 study seven or eight subjects during the year. Each of the subjects is studied for varying 1 hour periods over a 6 day time period, which increases focus and continuity for all subjects.

All students study Mathematics, English, Science and Social Studies for the whole year.

Physical Education and Health as two separate subjects are studied in a combined programme in Year 10.  It students choose HPE, then three other option subjects complete their course of study for each student.  If they choose SPD, then two other option subjects should be chosen.

To the right is a diagram of what your course selections screen will look like - you need to make sure your top 3 choices are in the top 3 boxes, and your backup 3 choices are in the bottom 3 boxes.  Having them in the order of your preference helps the selection process.


Which subjects to choose?

English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Health and Physical Education are compulsory.

Three other subjects are to be selected by each Year 10 student from those below:

  • Art 
  • Advanced Art
  • Art Design and Digital Photography
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Advanced Music


  • Digital Technolgies
  • Fabric Technology
  • Food Technology
  • Design & Visual Communication
  • Resistant Materials Technology



Note – Languages: 

Students who wish to study two languages should consult with Ms Triggs.



  • Commerce
  • English Language
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Leadership
  • Media Studies
  • Spanish
  • Te Reo Māori 


Some students may wish to study two Arts or two Technology subjects instead of the subject(s) selected above.

When selecting your choices, makes sure that your first 3 choices are in the top 3 boxes on the website.  It helps if you rank them in your preferred choice order in case there are any issues.

If you wish to study two Arts or Two Technology subjects instead of one of the subjects in the third column, you may do so by making sure your top 3 choices are in the top 3 bubbles on the website.

Note: acceptance into two Arts or Two Technology subjects is dependent on numbers and staffing.