Design and Visual Communication

Aims of Graphics

  • To promote in students the development of enquiry and discrimination skills and encourage initiative, ingenuity, and resourcefulness through activities based on real situations in graphic communication.
  • To provide a variety of design and drawing experiences that are challenging, creative, useful, and enjoyable and that draw upon students' interests and cultural backgrounds.
  • To plan and implement graphics programmes that will promote an awareness and understanding of technologies, of their applications, and of economic and environmental issues and that will encourage the exercising of aesthetic values.
  • To stimulate self-confidence, self-esteem, and a pride in achievement through enabling all students to achieve personal success in this subject.

Scholarship Entries Portfolio Requirements
Candidates who have entered the level 3 external achievement standards and Scholarship Graphics should submit one portfolio only, for both assessments. This portfolio should contain evidence for the level 3 external achievement standards and evidence for the Scholarship standard. A candidate who has entered Scholarship only, should submit their portfolio with appropriate evidence as set out in the Assessment Specifications. The material will be assessed against the Scholarship standard only.

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