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Level 2 Mechatronics Academy - Rutherford College

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Nick Hackett

Mechatronics unites the principles of engineering disciplines, including mechanical, electronics, programming and design skills. This a collaborative class in which the students will design, build and programme a robot.
Students will attend the Mechatronics Academy one day a week from 2-6pm at Rutherford College and spend one afternoon (2-6pm) per week at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) for one semester (Term 3 and 4).
The work done throughout the year will be assessed by Internal Assessment submissions.
Foundation Problem Solving/Certificate in Science and Technology.
Working towards NCEA Level 2 endorsed in the Manufacturing and Technology Pathway.

This academy sets students to enter careers in the Manufacturing and Technology Vocational Pathway, including but not limited to: Aeronautical and automotive engineering, clean or “green” technologies, computer-aided design, defence force products, engineering, electro technology, information and communications technology, marine technology, nanotechnology, robotics, software.

Recommended Prior Learning

Entry into the Mechatronics Academy is through an application and interview process.
You must have Level 1 numeracy and literacy.
Students must be taking Level 2 Mathematics and Physics.