This course requires 2 options.

Level 3 Early Childhood Academy

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Sharon Noble

Year 2 of the Early Childhood Academy is studied for 2 hours each day. A full-time Early Childhood Academy is currently in the planning stage and may be available in 2019. Students interested in applying for this full-time academy should indicate this in the online selection process plus select an alternative option.
Applicants must also have weekly access to an infant, toddler or young child (five years or under) to work alongside and observe for some of the practical components of this subject. Requirements of study in this academy include the following:
• Study child growth & development
• Caring for and coping with multiple births and premature babies.
• Make an item for a premature baby.
• Guiding the behaviour young babies & children.
• Understanding the needs of, and requirements a safe environment of young children.
• Have an understanding of different parenting practices.
• Knowledge of the basic needs of young children.
• Health and hygiene practices and how they are applied for young children.
• The causes for unsettled behaviour and strategies to cope with this.
• How to communicate effectively with young children and their whānau.
• Development of professional image and demonstration of professional behaviours
• Construction of a child’s garment

All Early Childhood Education units are assessed and moderated by an outside provider.
This course offers units towards the New Zealand Certificate in Early Childhood Education (Level 3).

All students will need to: complete the MHS online selection process or see Mr Hackett or Mr Tinling, plus complete an AWVA application form and have an interview with the academy tutor. Students will then be notified about whether they have been selected or not.

Places are limited in the academies and are not guaranteed until the application has been confirmed after the above.
Further information is available in the specific academy handbook.

Both Levels 2 and 3 it could likely that they will be enrolment at UNITEC completing the Pathways course in Psychology Levels 2 and 3 one day a week.

Both Level 2 and 3 have work experience placements in ECE centres for hands on experience and as part of Assessment requirements.

Units are open to change and these are proposed units for 2019.

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

All the academies are fees free, which includes some bus transport. However, some have a uniform cost.

Recommended Prior Learning

At Level 3 it is expected that students have completed the Level 2 academy successfully.