This course requires 5 options.

Level 3 Building Academy Full Time

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Nick Hackett

In addition to the basic theory, students will undertake a number of practical activities aligned with the construction industry. There will be an emphasis on house building (a 3-bedroom house), renovation (of a run-down house) and opportunities for developing skills in a number of allied trades such as plumbing, design, decoration and business management. There will be a number of optional modules available such as introductory construction management, advanced design, planning and consents and special projects.
Students who complete this course will be well prepared for any working environment.

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

No charge, but must wear prescribed hi-viz and workboots

Recommended Prior Learning

Students should have achieved (or very nearly) NCEA or BCAT’s level 2.
They should have demonstrated an interest and some practical skills in hard material technologies.
Ideal for students who wish to progress from the Level 2 Carpentry Academy

Pathway Tags

Apprenticeships in Carpentry. Construction and Allied Trades or direct employment in the Construction and Infrastructure Sector including management.,