Year 10 Resistant Materials Technology

Course Description

This course replaces the previous 10 Wood and 10 Metal courses and offers students the opportunity to work with a range of resistant materials such as wood, wood products, acrylic and metal, developing the skills to manufacture quality outcomes  

Students will also have the opportunity to design the products they subsequently make, employing a variety of resources including traditional wood and metal workshop tools, Adobe Illustrator, laser cutter and 3D printers. Projects could include storage solutions for home, phone charging stations, speakers, clocks, lights and more all to your specific designs.  

Course Overview

Term 1
Introduction to the workshop and the design and manufacture of a storage solution for an area at home that needs tidying up. Examples of projects are: shoe racks, skateboard storage stations, shelving units, game console units etc. This project will develop workshop skills and involve the use of traditional workshop tools.

Term 2
Introduction to adobe illustrator to design a simple pendant or a key ring which will be manufactured on the laser cutter.
Following on from this students can opt to design a blue tooth speaker or a mobile phone charging station. This will be designed using illustrator and cut on the laser cutter. The speaker will then be assembled with the electronics required to make the speaker work.


Level 1 Resistant Materials Technology