Year 10 Music Advanced

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: N. Baldwin

Performance: You may specialise in one instrument. You will also be part of a group performance.
Composition: You will learn to create melodies and counterpoint in two parts, with full printed score on computer software.
Music in Context: Surveying the history of Western Art Music from the Middle Ages to the present day.
Exploring the elements of Film music.
Aural: Recognising styles and genres from the whole history of Western art music.
Developing skills with chords, melody and rhythm.
Theory: Develop theory skills in notation and in understanding music in context.
Developing skills with chords, melody and rhythm and musical style.

The Music Department provides private and small group tuition through the Itinerant Music Teachers Scheme in flute, clarinet, saxophone, guitar, bass, drums, piano/keyboard, voice, violin, viola, cello, trumpet and trombone. Priority is given to students with a music subject option when there is an oversubscription for any of the above instruments. The cost is currently $75 for a full year’s tuition and includes instrument hire.

Recommended Prior Learning

This course is for students who have had tuition in one or more instruments for a year or more and who are at least grade two in theory. If you are not sure whether you fit the criteria please come and ask one of the Music teachers before filling out your option selection form.


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